Anomaly in the Sky


I am a photographer living in the UK, and I take photographs of nature and wildlife. While in my garden on 20th April 2015, I was busy taking photos of the birds and flowers, when I noticed flocks of birds flying in opposite directions. I didn’t think much of it at first, though I did find it odd at the sight of so many. I then suddenly noticed at the tip of a tree in the distance, past the bottom of the garden, there was a strange rainbow coloured glow of light. It didn’t continue skyward like a normal rainbow, and there was no rain, it was a bright sunny day, before chemtrails started to appear in the sky. I felt weird to see this strange light anomaly so soon after the birds started to fly away, and I wondered what it was. I started to take photographs of this anomaly around 6:00pm, and I continued for about 3 minutes, when all of a sudden, my camera’s memory card suddenly became full. I have a Sandisk 16gb Extreme Compact Flash CF Card, normally I should be able to take over a thousand photos, but it became full after just 93 photographs. It only happened after I was taking photos of this anomaly. When I opened my computer, and before I placed the photos into a folder, I noticed the space on the memory card was barely used up. There was so much free space that I could have taken so many more photographs. I couldn’t understand why that was, and when I moved the photos into the folder, my memory card was still telling me that it was full, even when I removed all of the photos. The memory card has now been completely damaged. I have no idea what this light anomaly is, why it caused the birds to fly away, and my camera’s memory card was affected the way it was.

As you can see, I’ve added a couple of photos of the light anomaly so that you can see for yourself. In the next photo below you can see the sun is on the left hand side to show you that the light anomaly is not the sun setting.

I posted these images on Facebook and I was told they considered it to be HAARP.

This is the Facebook chain of message:

Person 1: i bet HAARP…

Myself: From what I found out about HAARP, I think you’re probably right, Person 1. It would give reason to why my camera failed and the birds disappeared.

Person 2: this is thee alluminum spectrum..if there was alot of green spectrum,,would be the barium…many different cocktails they spray..this is clearly one of them… Global MARCH Against Chemtrails and Geoengeneering

Person 3: This is interesting what Is haarp?

Myself: If they were spraying these chemicals in the air via this HAARP, and indeed with chemtrails in general, what are we supposed to do to protect ourselves? I mean as a nature photographer, I need to be out in nature, outside, to take my photographs. How can I do that, if I’m so worried about breathing in toxins?

Person 3, when I did some research on HAARP, this is what I found:…/haarp_weather_modification…. Hope this helps.

11083796_813068475449345_2827579132094599119_oThis is the second photo and on this one you can see the sun is on the left hand side to show you that the light anomaly is not the sun setting.